“If you are not on Kendra Sinclair’s radar then you are not really “in” the turnaround and restructuring marketplace!…”
— Matt Johnston, Partner, Leader of UK Practice, McKinsey & Company Transformation (London) UK
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“Kendra Sinclair is a trusted adviser and has become integral to the implementation of our recruitment strategy to support our continued business growth.”…”
— Fraser Brown, Partner, THM Partners (London) UK
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“Many search firms believe they "know our market", but there is only one firm who truly understands the dynamics of the restructuring environment and knows personally the key players in each firm…”
— Mark Dewar, Australian Practice Leader, FTI Consulting (Sydney) Australia
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“Kendra Sinclair have an exceptionally strong network across Global Restructuring, their advice and knowledge is always invaluable…”
— Richard Hudson, Senior Partner, McKinsey & Company Transformation (London) UK
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“The strength of their relationships with all of the key players enabled them to arrange interviews for me with various firms in an exceedingly short timeframe…”
— Lisa Ashe, Partner, EY (London) UK
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“Kendra Sinclair's recruitment business model perfectly complements FTI's recruitment strategy, especially in respect of senior candidates…”
— David Morris, Senior Managing Director, FTI Consulting (London) UK
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“Knowledge of the Turnaround market, strong relationships with employers and top quality assistance, is what best describes Kendra Sinclair…”
— Miguel Sánchez Arbeo, Partner, Boston Consulting Group TURN (Europe)
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About us

Long-term partnerships

Since 2001 the partners at Kendra Sinclair have specialised within the restructuring sector. During this time they have developed long-term relationships based on trust, integrity and successful delivery resulting in an unrivalled network of restructuring professionals throughout the world.

This unrivalled industry knowledge enables Kendra Sinclair to offer ambitious professionals a source of expertise that can make a real difference to their careers.

We maintain close links with all the most important clients in the restructuring, turnaround, transformation, performance improvement and business recovery sectors. By developing strong, long-term relationships with our candidates we are able to match the demands of the markets with the goals of our candidates — and therefore place them more effectively than any other firm.

Unique industry insight

Whatever the level they currently occupy, however niche the role they aspire to, our candidates can talk to us confidentially about how best to meet their long-term career goals. We can give them an accurate picture of the current market and what their expectations should be — whether they are actively looking for a new role or simply evaluating their current position by benchmarking their salary or employment package.


Clare Grimes

Partner, London
+44 (0)203 432 0141


Conan Bailey

Partner, London
+44 (0)203 468 1245